Mom by Mail

I have a young friend, one whom I’ve long thought of as my child of my heart. Sometimes she calls me Mommy, sometimes she calls me Beth. I’m a firm believer in the idea that young women need a mom in their life, someone to call or text and ask questions like “What is this rash?” or “How do I wash this?” or “How do I cook this?” I love being her go to, her Mom when she needs me but she isn’t within my arms reach as my three daughters are, so we make do and we use technology. I realized this month that I do things with my girls here that I don’t have the opportunity to do with her, we cook and craft and take walks and go apple picking. Some things like the apple picking can’t really be replicated but why can’t the cooking and the crafting/sewing?  I’ve devised an idea to craft with her, I’m sending her a box with some supplies to make a cute felt craft or two and the plan is that when she gets it, she’s going to set a date with me and I’m going to sit in my office or in my dining room and we are going to FaceTime and craft. We’ve played games like this, why not spend a different kind of quality time together?

I’m packing the box Monday! This is what we are going to make:

Squirrels!  and this, of course Pine cones!

I’m also tucking in a jar or two of Apple Butter and something else yummy. I’ll show you the box when it’s packed and of course I’ll follow up and share some photos of us and the finished projects!


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